Visit to Prestongrange Church and Churchyard

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Prestongrange Church, Kirk Wynd, Preston, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland, EH32 9FX, United Kingdom Map

Saturday 27th August 2022.  1.30 pm

An opportunity to explore this historic church, built as a simple rectangle with west tower by the Rev John Davidson in 1596. Discover clues to the original building that can still be found within the present church.  Early east extension in 1635, underlying mining that led to rebuilding the north wall in 1774, north aisle built in 1892.  View the boards commemorating those who left legacies to the poor, commissioned to hang in the church in 1707, and now in the south Session House.  

Sit and imagine the interior in the 18th century, two tier lofts at each end for seamen, hammermen, masons and other trades. Galleries along both north & south walls. Box seats and desks that local families paid seat rent for, in the body of the kirk.

A tour of the graveyard with stones dating back to 1633.  Ministers stones to the left of the entrance path. Soldier who died in the Battle of Prestonpans.

By eastlothianantiquarians

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