Transaction Index by Subject & People


Baldred – the recorded facts and his ‘Miracles’ told in Alcuin’s York Poem vol 24

Collegiate Churches of East Lothian vol 4

Conformists and Nonconformists vol 8

David Calderwood, Historian of the Kirk vol 4

East Lothian Sanctuary Associations vol 1, pt 3

The Episcopal Tradition in East Lothian vol 21

Pre-Reformation parish churches of East Lothain vol 8

Schools in the Presbytery of Haddington in the 17th century vol 9

Altars out, Pulpits in. The first Port-Reformation Kirks in East Lothian. vol 31


Two early East Lothian Charters vol 1, pt 2

John Knox and East Lothian vol 3

Ancient Dovecots of East Lothian: a survey vol 3

Charter of Robert 1. 1318 vol 6

Dovecots vol 5

Ancient Dovecotes of East Lothian vol 12

Early East Lothian Charters vol 8

Electioneering in East Lothian 1836 – 37 vol 8

Ice Houses of East Lothian vol 7

Medieval Hospitals of East Lothian vol 7

Timothy Pont map of the Tyne Valley vol 7

Trade of East Lothian at the end of the 17th Century vol 9

Conservatives in the Haddington district of burghs vol 11

The police Force of East Lothian 1832 – 1950 vol 12

The Arrival of Queen Victoria in Scotland 1842 vol 12

Queen Victoria in Scotland 1842 vol 13

Three East Lothian Pioneers of Adult Education vol 13

William Brooks, East End of Musselburgh vol 16

Incidents in the life of the Aberlady, Gullane & North Berwick Railway vol 16

The Bethlehemite Hospital of St Germains vol 17

“Beating the Lieges”; the Military Riot at Ravenshaugh Toll on 5 October 1760 vol 18

Documents Illustrative of the Long History of coal-mining

in East Lothian. vol 18

Early printed Maps of East Lothian vol 18

East Lothian as Innovator in the Old Poor Law vol 19

The Decline of Marital Fertility in East Lothian vol 19

Marriage and Mobility in East Lothian in the Seventeenth

and Eighteenth centuries vol 19

Together like a horse & carriage. 18th century, love, marriage, divorce vol 20

Water Power and Rural Industry in East Lothian vol 20

East Lothian graveyards vol 21

From Agreeable to Fashionable: the Development of Coastal tourism in nineteenth century East Lothian vol 22

Poor relief in North Wales and East Lothian: a comparison of the East Lothian Combination Poorhouse and the Bangor and Beaumaris Union Workhouse 1865-1885 vol 24

The Feeing Market or Hiring Fair in East Lothian in the Nineteenth Century vol 25

SOS Puffin; Tree Mallow and Seabird islands in East Lothian vol 28

Past pleasures: leisure and the Working class in East Lothian in the late Victorian age. vol 28

Anatomy of a Jacobean Tower House; survey and excavation of FentonTower vol 29

Pots and pans II. Bellfield’s pottery , Cuttle, Prestonpans. vol 29

History in the making. Community self esteem in post –industrial Prestonpans vol 29

Potts at the Pans III. William Reid’s Newbigging Pottery, Musselburgh vol 30

Scotland’s largest wheel thrown Pot. The Prestonpans Punchbowl vol 31


Notes on East Lothian Fauna vol 1, pt 3

Butterflies and Moths found in East Lothian vol 1, pt 5

East Lothian nature notes vol 2, pt 2

The Rural Economy of East Lothian in the 17th and 18th Century vol 9

The Begbie farm account book 1729 – 1770 vol 10

Transcript of the Begbie farm account book vol 10

The Meikle Threshing Machine at Beltondod vol 11

Grain production in East Lothian in the 17th century vol 15

East Lothian Grain Trade, 1660 – 1707 vol 16

Demand for Agricultural Labour in East Lothian after the Napoleonic Wars vol 16

The Agriculture of South East Scotland in the Mid-nineteenth Century vol 17

East Lothian Field Names: some researches into Past and Present names vol 23

Managing the Woodlands of East Lothian 1585 – 1765 vol 26

The Birds of the Bass Rock vol 1, pt 4

The most skilful and successful agriculturalists; the Rennies of Phantassie vol 29

An Authority on Agricultural Subjects. Robert Brown of Markle vol 31


Long Cist at Dryburn Bridge near Dunbar, East Lothian vol 16

Excavations at Castlepark, Dunbar: an Interim report on the Anglian Evidence. vol 22

Re-discovering Dunbar’s Town wall; excavations at Lawson Place vol 26

Ancient Eldbottle Unearthed: Archaeological and historical evidence for a long-lost Early Medieval East Lothian Village. vol 27

Long Cist Graves on No 3 Golf Course, Gullane vol 13

The Gullane Links and other Scottish Long cist Skeletons vol 13

A group of Post Medieval Noble Burials at Haddington vol 15

Ancient graves at Hoprig vol 2, pt 1

Medieval North Berwick Revealed, Excavations in Forth Street. vol 27

A Beaker Cist at Skateraw, East Lothian vol 16

The archaeological survey of a coastal area of East Lothian at Torness, Innerwick vol 15

Anglian cross fragments found in East Lothian vol 22

Excavations at Fisher’s Road, Port Seton, East Lothian vol 23

Prestonpans in the iron age: Excavations at west Loan 2003 vol 26

Cropmarked: Aerial Survey and the plough-levelled archaeology of East Lothian vol 27

The Kingdom of Northumbria and the Destruction of the Votadini vol 14

A wartime legacy; Tantallon and the development of infrared technology vol 30


Lord Balfour vol 2, pt 1

General Sir David Baird and the Bairds of Newbythe House vol 26

Father and son. Two generations of Bairds at Newbythe vol 31

James Balfour of Whittinghame and Balgonie vol 25

Rev. H. N. Bonar vol 2, pt 1

An Authority on Agricultural Subjects. Robert Brown of Markle vol 31

Norman Cartwright , obituary . vol 29

Advocate and Agriculturalist: Sir George Buchan Hepburn of Smeaton vol 27

Tri-century of an Anti-Unionist: the second Lord Belhaven and the Treaty of Union vol 27

Day book of James Cockburn, treasurer of the burgh of Haddington 1574 -1575 vol 8

James Hewat Craw vol 2, pt 3

Rev. James Crocket, M.A., B.Sc. vol 2, pt 3

William Simpson Curr J.P. vol 2, pt 3

The Falls of Dunbar: a notable Scots family vol 3

A Hard Harnest Man, the armour of George Dunbar, 9th Earl of March. vol 30

The Fletchers of Saltoun vol 24

David and Alexander Forrest and their part in the Scottish Reformation vol 25

Egypt itself; the career of Robert Hay, Esquire of Linplum and Nunraw 1799 – 1863. vol 19

A County set; the Hepburns of East Lothian, a brief overwiew. vol 29

The Hope family in East Lothian vol 17

John Knox and East Lothian vol 3

The poetry of Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington vol 13

Man of Invention: Bi-centenary of Andrew Meikle 1719 – 1811, Civil Engineer and Millwright vol 28

A Shy Lady and her estates: A study of the Hon. M. G. Constance

Nisbet Hamilton Ogilviy 1843 – 1920 vol 23

The most skilful and successful agriculturalists; the Rennies of Phantassie vol 29

Archibald Skirving and his work vol 12

(Sinclair)All the president’s men: Horticultural Sir John and the East Lothian Connection vol 28

Samuel Smiles and Victorian values: a Journey from Haddington to Leeds and London vol 22

The Stephensons of Longyester; an East Lothian farming Dynasty vol 21

Semple or Simple ? Adam Wallace, an East Lothian Martyr vol 17

Local hero: Sir Francis Reginald Wingate GCB, GCVO,GBE, KCMG DSO, TD,

1ST Baronet of Dunbar & Port Sudan, Deputy Lieutenant of East Lothian vol 28

Earl of Wemyss & March KT 1912 – 2008 , Obituary vol 28