Transaction Index by Parish


Historical Notes on – Parish Church of Aberlady. Vol I, Pt IV

Historical Notes on – Convent of Carmelite Friars at Luffness. Vol I Pt V

Birds of Aberlady Bay Nature Reserve. Vol VIII

Ballencrieff: a Tenants Opposition to Land Settlement. Vol XX

Phoenix from the flames; A rare Jacobean Ceiling from Ballencrieff. Vol XXVII

The Luffness Mystery Man. Vol XXV

Phoenix from the flames; Ballencrieff, Castle of Dreams. Vol XXX


Notes on the reputation of Sir John Hepburn in France. Vol VI

Non-rigid Airships at East Fortune during World War One. Vol XXI

East Fortune in World War II. Vol XXII

The Athelstaneford Case. Vol XXIII


Bolton Parish Library and others; the records of a lost resource. Vol XXIII


Caves at Archerfield, St Patrick’s Chapel. Vol II, pt 2

Historical Notes on – Archerfield Caves. Vol II, pt 2

The Begbie farm account book 1729 – 1770. Vol X

Transcript of the Begbie farm account book. Vol X

Historical Notes on – Dirleton. Vol I, pt 5

Dirleton: its Castle, Parish Church, Chapels and College. Vol III

Two cases from the Baron Courts of Dirleton. Vol XIX

Ancient Eldbottle Unearthed: Archaeological and historical evidence for a long-lost

Early Medieval East Lothian Village. Vol XXVII

Historical Notes on – Gullane Church. Vol II, pt 3

Writings relating to the ruins of Old Church of St Andrew, Gullane. Vol XX

A tomb-slab in Gullane Church. Vol XII

Long Cist Graves on No 3 Golf Course, Gullane. Vol XIII

The Gullane Links and other Scottish Long cist Skeletons. Vol XIII

The Hope family in East Lothian. Vol XVII

The Hepburns of Kingston. Vol XXIV

A Wartime Legacy: Dirleton Radar Station. Vol XXVII

‘Amidst the ivy thou perceiv’st a ruin’ Examining the history and development of St Andrew’s Kirk, Gullane. Vol XXIX


Historical Notes on – Dunbar. Vol II, pt 3

Some notes on Old Dunbar. Vol III

The Falls of Dunbar: a notable Scots family. Vol III

Dunbar records. Vol VII

Account of losses of the burgh of Dunbar in 1651. Vol XI

The Armorial Panels of Dunbar Town House. Vol XI

Custom House Letters to the officers at Dunbar 1765. Vol XI

The Meikle Threshing machine at Beltondod. Vol XI

Newhouse and the family of Sawers. Vol XII

The Divison of Dunbar Common. Vol XV

Kirkhill House, Dunbar. Vol XXI

Beltonford paper Mill and the Annandale family. Vol XXII

Excavations at Castlepark, Dunbar: an Interim report on the Anglian Evidence. Vol XXII

John Muir Birthplace, Dunbar. Vol XXIV

St Bey and her Well at Dunbar. Vol XXIV

The Dunbar Lifeboat. Vol XXV

Re-discovering Dunbar’s Town wall; excavations at Lawson Place. Vol XXVIII


Historical Notes on – Nunraw. Vol I, pt 5

The Historical Geography of the Gifford and Garvald Light Railway. Vol XIII

Lost in the landscape, the medieval village of Baro. Vol XXIX


Historical Notes on Yester Castle & the Collegiate Church of Yester. Vol I, pt 4

Yester and its ‘Goblin Ha’. Vol I, pt 5

Yester Castle. Vol V

Bothans or St. Bothans. Vol VI

Bothans Kirk. Vol IX

The Boorlaw book of Yester and Gifford. Vol VII

The building of Yester House 1670 – 1878. Vol XIII

The Historical Geography of the Gifford and Garvald Light Railway. Vol XIII

A parish and its poor, Yester in the second half of the 17th Century. Vol XIV

The Origins of Gifford. Vol XVIII

Longyester Farm and the Agricultural Revolution in East Lothian. Vol XVIII

The Stephensons of Longyester; an East Lothian farming Dynasty. Vol XXI

Crop yields on the Mains of Yester. Vol XXII

The History of Yester Church. Vol XXIII

An iconic monument revisited the ‘Goblin Ha’ in Yester Castle. Vol III1


Redhouse and its owners. Vol III

Longniddry in transition. Vol VI

The owners and superiors of the lands of Elvingston. Vol XXVIII

‘Brither curler’ the Rev. John Ramsay and the early years of Gladsmuir Curling club. Vol XXX


The Incorporation of Baxters of Haddington. Vol I, part 2

The Bell Inn and the Fairbairn’s of Haddington. Vol XIV

Bells of Haddington. Vol VII

Births and Baptisms; Haddington in the Mid-Seventeenth Century. Vol XVIII

Brewing in the Nungate and Haddington during the 19th

and 20th century. Vol XXIII

Barnes Castle. Vol II, pt 1

The Chinese Bridge at Haddington. Vol XVII

The Cistercian Nunnery of St Mary’s Haddington. Vol V

The Barony Court of Coulston, Extracts from its Records. Vol II, pt 2

Colstoun, the story of a Scots Barony. Vol IV

Further records of the Barony Court of Colstoun. Vol VI

The Gray Library, Haddington. Vol I, pt 4 Historical Notes on – Lennoxlove. Vol I, pt 4

Lennoxlove. Vol II, pt 1

Historical Notes on – Garleton Hills. Vol II, pt 1

The Kaeheughs Fort. Vol II, pt 1

Incorporation of Hammermen of Haddington. Vol II, pt 2

Incorporation of Hammermen of Haddington cont. Vol II, pt 3

Insignia of the Incorporated Trades of Haddington. Vol II, pt 3

Inventory of the Records of the Crafts of Haddington along with

Extracts from the Minute Book (1707 – 1761) of the Cordiner Craft. Vol IX

The Cordiners Craft & Haddington’s first Fire Engine. Vol XV

Historical Notes on – Haddington. Vol II, pt 2

Documents relating to Haddington. Vol V

Haddington Documents in Register House. Vol IV

Haddington records, Books of the Common Good. Vol VII

Notes on Haddington Municipal records & other materials for the history of the burgh. Vol VI

The Bell of Samuelston and its Donors. Vol III

A Haddington Boat. Vol III

A XVIth Century Boundary Perambulation. Vol V

The Forrests of Gimmersmill & their Charter Chest. Vol V

A note on an altar in the parish church of Haddington. Vol V

The “Lamp of Lothian”, Parish or Friary Church. Vol III

A list of references to the pre-reformation Altarages in the

Parish Church of Haddington. Vol X

The memorial Inscription to ex-Provost Seton at the church of St Mary Haddington. Vol XII

A group of Post Medieval Noble Burials at Haddington. Vol XV

Day book of James Cockburn, treasurer of the burgh of Haddington 1574 -1575. Vol VIII

The deathbed dispositions of Elizabeth prioress of the Abbey of Haddington. Vol VI

The Medieval Hospital’s of Haddington. Vol VI

Market and Fair in Medieval Haddington. Vol VI

A note on the employment of the Military in Haddington 1831. Vol X

Old Haddington. Vol XII

Haddington Burgh Schools and the Rev. William Whyte. Vol XIV

‘A considerable Abbey now so entirely demolished’ Rediscovering the

Abbey of St Mary, Haddington. Vol XXX

‘From Dovecot to Applehouse,’ The Dovecot metamorphosis at St Mary’s Pleasance, Haddington. Vol XXX

Claret, Council and Corruption. The Haddington Election of 1753. Vol III1


The archaeological survey of a coastal area of East Lothian at

Torness, Innerwick. Vol XV


The Monastery of North Berwick. Vol I, pt 3

The Birds of the Bass Rock. Vol I, pt 4

Historical Notes on – the Bass Rock. Vol I, pt 4

Historical Notes on – Tantallon. Vol I, pt 5

The Bass Rock in History. W. .Forbes Gray. Vol IV

Tantallon Castle. Vol VII

Medieval North Berwick Revealed, Excavations in Forth Street. Vol XXVII

SOS Puffin; Tree Mallow and Seabird Islands in East Lothian. Vol XXVIII

A wartime legacy; Tantallon and the development of infrared technology. Vol XXX


Historical Notes on – Oldhamstocks. Vol II, pt 1


Historical Notes on – Pencaet Castle. Vol I, pt 5

Historical Notes on –Winton. Vol I, pt 5

A Saltwork and the Community; the case of Winton 1716 – 1719. Vol XVIII


Cockenzie and Port Seton: from Village to Burgh 1860 – 1914. Vol XXIII

Historical Notes on – Seton Chapel. Vol I, pt 4

Historical Notes on – Preston. Vol I, pt 5

The Thorn Tree, Prestonpans. Vol II, pt 2

Historical Notes on – Prestonpans. Vol II, pt 3

Prestonpans in the Iron age: Excavations at West Loan 2003. Vol XXVIII

Pots at the Pans I. Vol XXVIII

School Exercises on the 17th Century from Prestonpans. Vol X

Prestongrange and its Painted Ceiling. Vol X

Prestonpans, Water, past, present and future. Vol XIX

Excavations at Fisher’s Road, Port Seton, East Lothian. Vol XXIII

Potters at Morrison’s Haven c 1750-1833 and the Gordons at

Bankfoot 1895 – 1940. Vol XXIV

The Glassworks at Morrison’s Haven. Vol XXIV

Pots and pans II. Bellfield’s pottery , Cuttle, Prestonpans. Vol XXIX

History in the making. Community self esteem in post –industrial Prestonpans. Vol XXIX

Scotland’s largest wheel thrown pot. The Prestonpans Punch Bowl. Vol III1


Historical Notes on – Parish Church of Prestonkirk. Vol I, pt 4

Historical Notes on – Hailes Castle. Vol I, pt 5

Hailes castle. Vol IV

Preston Mill; a reassessment. Vol XXI

The Significance of Traprain Law. Vol XII

The Hill at the Empire’s Edge: recent work on Traprain Law. Vol XXVIII


Saltoun Bleachfield 1746 – 1773. Vol XV

The restoration of the Old Castle, East Saltoun. Vol XIX

The Fletchers of Saltoun. Vol XXIV

A snapshot of life at Saltoun Hall Gardens in the 1890’s ;

Bobbie Clark’s Photogrpahic Album. Vol XXVIII


Historical Notes on – Parish Church of Spott. Vol I, pt 4


Historical Notes on – Stenton, Well of Holyrood. Vol II, pt 3

Historical Notes on – ancient churches of Pitcox & Stenton. Vol II, pt 3

Records of Lord Belhaven’s Servants wages at Biel 1753 – 1766. Vol IX


Historical Notes on – Fawside Castle and Elphinstone Tower. Vol II, pt 1

The Johnstones of Elphinstone. Vol IV

The Tranent Militia Riot of 1797. Vol XIV

Division of the Runrig of Tranent. Vol XVI

Death in Tranent 1754 – 81. Vol XVI

The killing of George Wood at Tranent, 3 April 1757. Vol XX

Tranent Tower. Vol XXV

The Tower House as home. Elphinstone tower a case study. Vol III1


Historical Notes on – Tyninghame. Vol I, pt 5

Historical Notes on – Parish of Whitekirk. Vol I, pt 5

Suffragettes and the burning of Whitekirk Church. Vol XXI


Historical Notes on – Whittinghame. Vol I, pt 4

Lord Balfour. Vol II, pt 1

Beil House. Vol II, pt 3

Whittinghame Tower. Vol III

James Balfour of Whittinghame and Balgonie. Vol XXV