The Society was founded on the 10th of May 1924 for the study of the antiquities, archaeology, local history and natural history of East Lothian and for the collection and publication of relevant documentary evidence. It was in that year that the society first expressed anxiety on the quarrying of Traprain Law. It is happy that its position is now secure in the ownership of East Lothian Council who have established an advisory committee on which the society is represented.

The summer programme consists of monthly excursions to private houses and places of antiquarian or field naturalist interest in the county or elsewhere.

Lectures are arranged in the winter months. These are usually given in Haddington.

The start of the society’s year is the Annual General Meeting in May and it ends with the annual dinner in April.

The library, archives, and historical artefacts of the society have been transferred to East Lothian Council and a donation was made towards the establishment of the Local History Library in Newton Port Haddington.

The Society was instrumental in rescuing Haddington House and was subsequently pleased to sell it to the Trustees of the Lamp of Lothian as the cost of its restoration was found to be beyond the resources of the Society. The society maintains an interest in it and nominates one of the trustees. The House is now leased to East Lothian Council.

The Society maintains its interest in local matters. The President represents the society as a Trustee of the Lamp of Lothian. The society has representation on The John Muir Park, The Traprain Law and Aberlady Nature Reserve Advisory Groups.The President chairs the John Muir Park and the Traprain Law Groups.

The society is a corporate member of a number of like-minded societies and supports various other bodies.It is vigilant over threats to our heritage of historic buildings, landscapes and natural habitats. It makes appropriate representation when these seem threatened.

The Transactions of the society contain Academic and general papers concerning East Lothian The publication is highly regarded and is issued free to members. Others may purchase them. They are lodged in the Copyright Libraries and are purchased regularly by academic and other libraries, where they are of interest to the growing number of local history societies and to individuals interested in local history. They are issued to secondary schools in East Lothian.

Membership is open to all, on payment of the annual subscription* due art the time of the Annual General Meeting in May.

The Hon Secretary will be pleased to answer any enquiries about the society.