The “Rule of Thumb”

A Neolithic Basis for the Imperial Measurement System

The Society is pleased to present this talk by East Lothian resident Tim Flinn, a retired teacher and lecturer in such subjects as economics, psychology and statistics. It will be held at 2.30 PM on Saturday 18th November, 2023 at the Maitlandfield House Hotel, Haddington.

Non-members welcome – a small cash donation appreciated

Professor Alexander Thom (1894 – 1985 )
The story starts with this Maths Don from Oxford University presenting arguably compelling evidence to leading archaeologists of the time that our Neolithic ancestors developed elements of the Imperial Measurement System – however to no avail. From this basis, study of further Neolithic artefacts revealed a sophisticated measurement system utilising such units as the Neolithic Yard and Inch.

Talk summary
Tim Flinn will take us though a pictorial journey of data and artefacts collected from around the world with analysis inviting the audience to consider whether he has presented such evidence that, beyond reasonable doubt, the Neolithic peoples did indeed originate the Imperial Measurement system. If you are not convinced you can discuss further with him after the talk over refreshments.