The Men of Warre

A Talk by Jenn Scott, Historian

On Saturday 9th December at 2.30 pm at the Maintlandfield Hotel, Haddington

‘They were as well dressed as it is possible to be in such a country’
In this talk, Jenn Scott, her most recent book, The Men of Warre,: the clothes, weapons and accoutrements of the Scots at War from 1460-1600 was published by Helion & co in March of this year explores the clothes, and wider material culture of the Scots from 1460 to 1560. She draws on a wide range of sources, such as paintings, documents, artefacts and archaeological evidence, to present a clear picture of what the highland and lowland Scots were wearing and fighting with in this fascinating and turbulent period in Scotland’s history. Scott’s talk promises to be an engaging and informative introduction to the material culture of medieval and early modern Scotland.

Jenn will have a few copies of her book available for purchase on the day.