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Guided Walk Around East Linton

Saturday 3rd August. A guided walk round the historic village of East Linton with Garry Menzies

This historic town lies north of the river Tyne with the Lynn that supported four mills. The 16th century “Linton brigges” over the Tyne on Great North road from the south. Surrounded by fine agricultural land local residents, Sir George Buchan-Hepburn, George Rennie, Andrew Meikle and Robert Brown of Markle all played an important part in the agricultural improvements of the 18th century. In the 19th century the fine landscape, stone buildings with pantiled roofs brought many artists to the area. Nearby lies village of Preston, with the parish church, site of Friary of the Red Friars and Preston Mill. This walk will concentrate on the town, the mills and the bridge.

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Tyninghame Visit 7th Sep 2019

Saturday 7th September A walk at Tyninghame looking at the mansion house, the ruin of St Baldreds Kirk and the site of the old village of Tyninghame.

The mansion house, incorporating part of an early tower house, was extended in 1617. Built round a courtyard, it was remodelled and further extended in 1829 by William Burn.

The beautiful remains of the 12th century church, dedicated to St Baldred, lies to the south of the house. The parish church until 1761, it is now the burial ground of the Earls of Haddington.
The site of the old village of Tyninghame lies to the south, east and west of the church

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